At Good Thyme Eatery we are committed

To serving the absolute best ingredients we can find and preparing them by hand every single day so they can not only be fresh, but taste fresh too.

To using seasonal produce and ingredients when they are at their best.

To providing our customers with clean food because we understand the connection between eating good and feeling good.



When produce is at its peak we show off its amazing flavors that are just how nature intended them to be. No artificial flavors. No additives. Just Food.

We work directly with local farms and local people to find the best product and ingredients on the planet. 

We bring fine dining to a quick service setting so you can get a white tablecloth meal in a hurry at a fraction of the price.



The world of fast food has taken the cooking out of kitchen, now were bringing it back! 

Our kitchen is designed by chefs and run by chefs. Our menus are designed by classically trained chefs who are constantly innovating and expanding the menu

Our menu offers food for everyone. We offer gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegan, and other options that suit all customer needs



At Good Thyme Eatery we are constantly striving to make not only our restaurant but the world a more sustainable and better place! How can a restaurant do that you ask? By offering clean food that has been grown responsibly. By limiting waste and finding uses for scraps and extra food.

For years factory farming has turned to unsustainable practices to improve their bottom line. These include but are nor limited to using chemicals on produce, growth hormones on animals, genetically modifying grains, and many other practices that negatively impact the world we live in.

Factory farming has grown grains, vegetables, and animals for quantity rather than quality which has altered the flavors of our food. Tomatoes no longer taste like tomatoes, grains are stripped of their nutritional value and flavor, and animals are forced to spend their lives in cages so small they have no space to move.

At Good Thyme we are dedicated to a movement to bring things back to how they should be. We should eat clean foods when they are ripe and at their peak- Greens in the spring, Tomatoes in the late summer and fall, and citrus in the season. Our diet should have a good balance of different varieties of grains and produce.

We believe in supporting local communities whether its a small dairy farmer in Utah or a family citrus farm in California. We are dedicated to giving our business who those who are committed to doing things right and have a positive impact on the world. We are committed to doing things better because we are better.

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