The 90s were undeniably a decade that fostered the idea of speed. Well, if we are being completely honest, that probably is an attitude that came about in the 80s and slowly transformed into a way of life around the time Clinton entered office. Around this same period the internet took off, and it seemed that everything needed to be faster than it had ever been before and the food industry was certainly no exception. Children were raised on Happy Meals and frozen dinners, the efficiency of which was such a benefit that things like developing an actual flavor profile went right out the drive-thru window.

However, over the last decade the practice of savoring the things in life that bring us joy has been restored and with the rising popularity of activities that focus on mindfulness and a new-age understanding of indulgence, the farm-to-table restaurant came to fruition.

While some believed this new uptick in restaurants serving locally grown and sourced food would be nothing more than a fad, others leaned into the enticing world of simple and flavorful ingredients being grown all around them and began to create meals that could only be found in an authentic home kitchen.

This did cause an issue, however. People everywhere wanted to eat fresh ingredients in their meals, but at what cost? How could farm-to-table offer up the benefits of fresh local produce and protein while also being accessible to all? This is where Good Thyme Eatery in Provo found its niche.

Simplicity Meets Sophistication & Satisfaction

Fine dining is certainly where the farm-to-table movement first made its mark. Professional chefs at James Beard award-winning restaurants have been sourcing their food this way for as far back as we can remember. But when it came to Good Thyme, there was a desire to offer food that is free of artificial flavorings and preservatives in a fast and friendly environment that also provides patrons with plenty of options. This is how this Provo eatery began serving its freshly sourced food in a cafeteria-style model. And with so many beautiful ingredients in the local Provo area, how could we not?

When you take a look at our menu, the first thing you are likely to notice is that it is seasonal. Serving fruits and veggies that are out of season would only make us like the rest of your local restaurant options, and we know we are anything but typical.

Our menu items are often what we like to think of as ‘simplistically sophisticated’. From sinfully decadent protein entrees like Korean Pork and Coconut Chorizo Chicken, to hot sides like gluten-free ratatouille, pomegranate brussel sprouts, and decadent truffle macaroni and cheese, the only thing that will keep you from coming back to Good Thyme is the fact that you will have to leave in the first place.

And we almost forgot to mention our wide array of Farmer’s Market cold sides. Our chefs scour the best ingredients that local vendors have to offer in order to develop fresh and complex dishes that are perfect for packing in your weekday lunch or for serving at your next dinner party. Truly, food doesn’t get better tasting or better for you than what Good Thyme Eatery has to offer.

And speaking of dinner parties, Good Thyme is also the best business in town when it comes to hiring a caterer. We can provide you with plenty of options for your next corporate event, wedding, celebration, and more. We are confident your guests will be beyond pleased when they taste our Watermelon Mint or Santa Maria Tri-Tip!

Modern. Local. Delicious.

Being able to properly represent local farmers and use their beautiful ingredients while providing fast and easy service may not have been the mission of farm-to-table but it certainly seems to have worked for Good Thyme Eatery. If you are looking for a meal that will awaken your taste buds, feed your body as well as a deep hunger for nostalgia, this cafeteria-style restaurant should absolutely be one of your first stops anytime you are in the Provo area. Find variety, culinary magic, and a reminder of what it means to be satisfied completely when you stop in for your next delectable meal at Good Thyme Eatery.